Saturday, December 28, 2013

Make Your Own Coffee Yogurt

Something I make on a weekly basis is yogurt. I used to buy my husband Dannon Coffee Yogurt but it was not organic and it was expensive. So I got a yogurt maker for Christmas about 3 years ago.

I purchased new jars for it because the ones that came with it had a large shoulder on the jar and I wanted a straight jar.  They have a good price, much better than the Yogurt maker. I bought 6oz jars, 3 dozen.

The first time I made Yogurt I used the recipe that came with the maker. It didn't even fill all the jars so I created my own recipe. I figured out what my jars held and how much yogurt culture I needed. I used yogurt as the culture, it tastes better and works fine and I can make it myself.
So the first time I bought yogurt to use, but after that I make plain yogurt and freeze it in ice trays. I use 4 ice cubes of plain yogurt for my culture. 
5 cups whole milk (whole milk makes the best yogurt)
6 Tablespoons of plain organic yogurt or 4 ice cubes of plain yogurt

Flavoring if you want to make flavored yogurt
2/3 cup organic sugar (+ or - to taste)
1 Tablespoon vanilla
2/3 cup organic sugar (+ or - to taste)
2 heaping Tablespoons of instant coffee

DIRECTIONS: If using frozen yogurt, put it in a bowl and set it in the yogurt maker with it on. This will thaw the yogurt but not heat it up to a point that kills the bacteria. 

Measure the 5 cups of milk and pour into a saucepan. I attach a thermometer to be able to see what the temperature is at all times. Use low to medium heat and stir often.

If you are making flavored yogurt add the sugar and flavor to the empty measuring cup and set aside.

add sugar

 add coffee

Cooking milk to the temperature of 185° , not quite boiling, using a heavy stainless pan helps keep it from sticking or scorching.

When the milk reaches the temperature, pour it into the measuring cup and move the thermometer to that. Now you want it to cool to 110°.

Using a sink of cold water and some ice helps it cool faster.

I use a fork to chop up the frozen yogurt to get it to thaw while I wait for the milk to cool. When the cooling mixture reaches the right temperature add in the thawed yogurt. Stir , I use a whisk.

Pour evenly into all seven jars, place in the maker. 

It is OK if you can still see a little of the yogurt not mixed in, it will still work just fine. 

Place lid on maker, I cover with a dish towel too just to hold in the heat. 

Process 7 hours. I read that yogurt gets tarter the longer it is processed so you want to go as short as possible. This time works great for whole milk, other milk may take longer and not firm up as much. The vanilla and plain yogurt I make gets firmer than the coffee flavor, but all get acceptably firm. 

Put on lids and refrigerate. Cool them overnight before you eat. I have found it keeps for weeks. I don't like to make it in a big container and then put it in jars because it breaks it up and causes the whey to separate. I know if you have a big family then this is probably not the recipe for you. I am only feeding two people so it works nicely for me.